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Welcome on Reval Cucine

Reval of Pepe Srls

it is proposed as a young and dynamic company able to address the high segment of the domestic and foreign kitchens market. An activity born in Miggiano from the thirty-year experience of Lina Sabato, heir of an important know-how in the world of modular kitchens that has lasted for two generations.

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Why choose Reval Cucine


Design care

Our professional staff has an eye for design, providing high quality solutions. Modular and cutting-edge elements designed to stand the test of time, transforming a kitchen into a living area at very reasonable prices.

The company's orientation towards innovation can be found in the use of innovative materials and in product design, designed by internationally renowned architects, specialized in the kitchen sector and at the forefront in the knowledge of product use systems. This precious knowledge gives the Reval kitchens a sober elegance, which springs from its simple and essential shapes and rigorous attention to detail, for your personal satisfaction.

Custom made

All this is combined with technological innovation, the use of home automation, as well as the marked flexibility of production processes, which is accompanied by the high capacity for customization of the product, resulting in taylor-made manufacturing. All this to offer customized and tailor-made solutions that make Reval kitchens the ideal partner for the demanding customer looking for excellent solutions at the right price.


Search for materials

Per proporti soluzioni sempre più innovative l’azienda investe nel sapere, nella formazione e ricerca continua su tutto ciò che può far anticipare i tempi e precorrere le evoluzioni del mercato in cui opera. Tale traguardo viene centrato nel pieno rispetto dell’ambiente, avendo a cuore l’obiettivo di migliorare la qualità della vita sia dei collaboratori che dei clienti. 

Our kitchens

Care of design, research of materials, unbeatable prices: for information call it 0833 764982


The custom kitchen and the design of the modular kitchen are our strengths. The kitchen is the most experienced space in a house, where you usually cook, eat and stay in good company. This is why the kitchen must be comfortable and practical. Reval Cucine furnishes kitchens in Lecce and in the province of Lecce. Not sure how to furnish your home? Discover the Tips and Guides of the Reval Cucine furniture experts